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Pro Bono Resources for Nonprofits Dedicated to Communities that Work for All Ages

Creative Approaches to Realities of the Age of Longevity

We Are All Aging

Population aging creates new challenges and opportunities at every stage of life.

Rapid Change Makes the Future Uncertain for All Ages

Creating value-based, nimble personal and organizational Strategic Directions

Race, Gender, and Poverty Affect Attainable Futures

Diversity,  inclusion, self-determination, and a people-focused lens as resources for feasible, sustainable futures

Ageism and Growing Political Divides Thwart Possible Creative Solutions

Bridging the Gap through stories and cross-channel communications

Intergenerational Communities Can Access More Resources

People over 65 have the strongest record of volunteerism and contributions of time, care, and financial resources.  They are the fastest-growing sector of entrepreneurs.

Potential Intergenerational Resources are Untapped

Creating connections between older people and communities that would benefit from their engagement.

How We Can Help


Using a user-focused approach that respects the great diversity of people in the second half of life, we help non-profits dispel ageist thinking in order to reach and engage people of all ages.

Strategic Direction

Applying agile principles and design thinking to make real impact in a changing world

Community Building

Employing innovative practices to build thriving intergenerational communities


Healthy Relationships and Well Being in Later Life

Elder Spiritual Journey Series

Davis,  CA

February 9, 2018

Stories to Heal a Divided World

The power of stories to build connection and community: A workshop

Sage-ing International Global Conference, Oct. 25-28

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